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Stephen Takes On Comic Relief

The Red Nose has always been a tiny thing that makes a huge difference. This year, the money raised from Red Nose Day goes towards tackling the root causes of poverty and social injustice.

Small ripples create huge waves, a £5 donation can make all the difference to someone in need.

This year our Managing Director, Stephen, is being challenged to complete a difficult task-based obstacle course in our Acton Park.

“Often the people in society who are in need are the most overlooked. This past year has been particularly tough with the cost of living crisis, with people in our communities being affected. I believe looking after these individuals is everyone’s responsibility. At Oxygen, we celebrate the shared joy of jumping and setting free our inner child. We wanted to find a fun way to support a cause that aligns closely with our values. When we come together, we become unstoppable!” – Stephen

Each donation brings us closer to a new donation checkpoint. What might this look like you ask?

£0 : To begin, Stephen has to make it across our brand-new parkour area.

£10 : For as little as £10, after parkour at the top of our slide, Stephen will greet our brilliant staff member with a signature Oxygen handshake.

£40 : If we get an extra 30, Stephen has to make his way down our super twisty slide.

£50 : After making his way down the slide, another 10 will mean Stephen has to sprint to our toddler soft play area.

£70 : Hitting 70 will add a climb through our toddler soft play course and down the toddler slide.

£100 : Once he has made his way through the toddler soft play, hitting the 100 mark will mean Stephen needs to do a total of 5-star jumps in our café area – just in case he isn’t warm enough yet.

£200 : Double it? After his star jumps, Stephen has to run to our airbag area, strut his stuff along our bouncy runway and jump onto our large airbag.

£300 : Adding another 100 will mean Stephen clambers off the airbag and gets to greet staff members with an Oxygen handshake at the bottom of the stairs.

£500 : The final stretch! For another 200, Stephen will fly up two flights of stairs and sprint to the finish line.

£1000+ If we can get to our total goal, Stephen will participate in a special Red Nose Day costume. A red nose, red nose day antlers and a special t-shirt will be repped by our sportsman.

Donations we generate from this event will be added to Oxygen’s total donation of 9K. We understand that every little helps!

Donate here

From us and everyone at Comic Relief, thank you. You’re wonderful.

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