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Playing Safely

Guidance on Admissions


5 Golden Rules of Playing Safely

  1. Always jump within your skill level.
  2. One person per trampoline.
  3. No double bouncing.
  4. No running with the arena.
  5. Always familiarise yourself with equipment instructions.

We want you to have fun as well as staying safe. Our rules are in place to ensure all guests leave with a smile on their faces. Please be aware of these rules and our full terms and conditions available on our website and follow instructions given by court monitors at all times. Happy jumping!

•Every participant must have completed a valid waiver form before jumping
•If you are under the age of 18 this waiver must be completed by a parent or guardian on your behalf
•Only grip socks can be worn for your safety
•The minimum age is 4 years old. Children aged 4 to 5 must be accompanied in the trampoline area by a paying participating Parent at all times. We have a soft play area for those under 5. Independent toddler sessions are available
•We will not tolerate the use of drugs or alcohol in the park. Anyone found to be under the influence will be ejected and / or banned from the park
•It is recommended that participants under the age of 12 are supervised at all times for their safety
•Give way to younger participants. You are responsible for your own safety as well as others
•Pregnant women and those with serious health issues are advised not to jump. Feel free to spectate or enjoy the café facilities 
•Any participant with previous injuries including fractures, weak limbs and those involving the neck, back or knees must seek medical advice before participating.

  • One person per trampoline at all times across the park!
  • Do not run across the courts or tackle each other. Avoid rough play
  • Always stay in control of your bounce. Aim to land as central as possible and with both feet
  • Do not use mobile phones or camera equipment while on the courts
  • No food or drink is permitted on the trampolines (including gum)
  • Stay within your skill level, do not try anything if it risks you being out of control and getting hurt (no double flips permitted)
  • Remove all loose items from pockets, no sharp objects on the trampolines (this includes watches and belt buckles)
  • Staff decisions are final. No exceptions.
  • The maximum weight limit is 21 stone.
  • All participants must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their jump session to allow time for check in & the pre-jump safety briefing

Guidance on Admissions

Oxygen Activeplay takes the safety of all users extremely seriously.

As a business, Oxygen strives to encourage and make our venues accessible to all, so you can have as much fun as we do!

As a pioneering industry leader, Oxygen has reached out and investigated all likely users of our equipment to guarantee their safety within our indoor activity parks or indoor trampoline park.

Please note, Oxygen abides by the Equality Act 2010 at all times.

We’re all about inclusivity

But we need to put safety first to ensure big-time fun for all. This places a duty as a service provider to make where appropriate, reasonable adjustments to enable individuals to access / continue to access work /gymnastics activities, to allow everyone to jump, dance and play to their heart’s desires.

In addition to the wavier documentation stating that a high level of fitness is needed to be able to take part in any activities within our parks, please see below other factors that need considering before admission to our parks.

  1. Anyone suffering from a health condition.
  2. Musculoskeletal issues.
  3. Pregnancy.
  4. Brittle bones.
  5. Preexisting injuries.
  6. Detaching Retina.
  7. Confirmed Atlanto Axial Instability.
  8. Rodded back.
  9. Down’s syndrome
  10. Dwarfism

Medical Considerations for users with:

  1. Down’s syndrome
  2. Dwarfism


Oxygen works in close collaboration with the BRITISH GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION

Which has highlighted the additional control measures to exercise a bit of caution before leaping into any of our activities.

Some participants may present with a medical condition that in some cases may be linked to disability. If an individual has a condition where participation in gymnastics is in question, they must seek medical advice through their GP before participation, to ensure that the activity will not have a detrimental effect on their health or well-being.

Further information can be found on The British Gymnastics Association Website

Users will be referred to this information when a carers card is presented to ensure users are made mindful of risks to jumpers with any impairments e.g listed above, before donning a pair of Oxygen socks and jumping into the fun.

Any user with achondroplasia or another genetic skeletal dysplasia form of dwarfism are not permitted to use the centre’s equipment, according to the advice of the British Gymnastics Association.



Interconnected Trampolines, Dodgeball, Toddler Sensory Play, Soft Play, Ninja challenges, Climbing walls and high ropes, Giant Airbags, Reaction walls & much much more. *Activities may vary by park.

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