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Memberships & Gift Cards


BEcome a member of the ultimate trampoline park

If you love Freejumping, you’ll absolutely love our Oxygen memberships. These money-saving cards are the best way to enjoy our Freejumping or Toddler Sensory Play sessions. For one great price, you can look forward to an hour session every day for a month, or more!

Jump Membership

Can’t get enough of our trampoline parks? Get a Jump Membership

With our Jump Membership you get the best of both worlds – the freedom to jump every day and a great price.

Whether you prefer to jump with your friends and family, or are just looking for a place to exercise and stay active in a fun way, our Jump Membership is just the ticket.

Call into our trampoline parks any day of the year! Dance and jump on our interconnected trampolines. Practice your flips and tricks into our mega airbag. Challenge your friends in dodgeball. When you’re a member the world of Oxygen is yours to explore!

child jumping into airbag

Toddler Membership

Treat your jump-loving tot to a Toddler Membership

Our Toddler Memberships are dream for jumping tots. Just pick up a 30-day membership and you can dive into a different Toddler Activeplay / Sensory Play session every day.

It’s a brilliant way to keep them happy and active in a super-safe environment. And Memberships are a great way to get the best out of every session.

Visit your local park page to find out more about Toddler Sensory Play sessions.

Buy your Toddler Membership now, and you and your toddler can jump straight in. And keep coming back for more of the same, every day for a month.

Sound good? Let’s go!

Monthly membership to Toddler Activeplay / Sensory Play sessions Includes 1 adult

Children in ball pit

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