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A Beginner’s Guide to Slam Dunk Trampoline Basketball

Written by Robin Marshall

2 min read


The first-ever slam dunk trampoline basketball record was broken in 2020 when four teammates scored 50 shoots in one minute. This innovative sport is becoming a favourite activity among children, and is helping to achieve the impossible, getting off those pesky screens.

A sociable sport, trampoline basketball is the new top sport that’s fast becoming the talk on the playground. If you want to get your kid into sports, but looking for an edgier activity than the usual football and basketball, consider slam dunk trampoline basketball. But first, do you know what trampoline basketball is?

What is Slam Dunk Trampoline Basketball?

Basketball is a fun and popular sport as it is, but if you add a trampoline you make it much more enjoyable. Slam dunk trampoline basketball is combining trampoline jumping and basketball into one fast-paced sport. It’s called a “slam dunk” because by jumping on a trampoline, players can dunk like one of the basketball pros.

Everyone can jump on the trampoline and make an epic dunk, making it the perfect sport for people of all ages.

Besides being more entertaining than regular basketball, trampoline basketball is not as hard as it sounds. You have the regular full-height basketball hoops above runway trampolines, so it is pretty straightforward. Don’t worry about getting hurt either, as the trampoline and basketball hoops are surrounded by soft floor mats and padded walls.

Slam Dunk Trampoline Basketball Is a Nice Workout

Trampoline basketball involves a lot of jumping, bouncing, and cardio. By speeding up your heart rate you work up a sweat. This is why trampoline basketball is as effective as any exercise as you burn calories while having fun at the same time. With the fun that they get, your children will never realise that they are do something healthy.

Increases Self-confidence

With trampoline basketball, if you score better you’ll feel better. Since it’s such an easy sport feeling good comes easy. Trampoline basketball also keeps the mind occupied, relieving stress and negative thoughts. Engaging in a little competition is healthy for everybody, and it boosts your self-esteem. You will also feel better because you will be getting more physically fit.

Improves Balance and Coordination

Jumping on a trampoline is hard work, and it requires concentration. To score a slam dunk you must control different muscles and limbs at the same time while in the air. These repeated actions can improve your skills at regular basketball too. 

Aids with Cardiovascular Health

A 30-minute jump on a trampoline is considered a workout, especially if you are playing basketball simultaneously. Trampoline basketball helps out with cardiovascular fitness because it speeds up the metabolism, and heart rate, and decreases cholesterol. 

Anyone Can Play and It Is Super Fun

The best thing about trampoline basketball is that everyone can play. This means that everyone from the age of 7 to 70 can try it out. Teams include four players and everyone has a go to score a slam dunk. Whoever slams the most is the winner. Everyone gets a chance to play and score, so there are no sore losers.

Where to Play Slam Dunk Trampoline Basketball?

If you are looking for the best place to play trampoline basketball, look no further than Oxygen Freejumping at our Derby and Croydon parks! All things exciting and stimulating, Oxygen offers some of the best play and bounce areas for trampoline basketball!

The best place for children’s parties in the UK, Oxygen has awesome freejumping activities that make for happy and unforgettable memories and help improve your little one’s health and motor skills. Give your child the best birthday ever!

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