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Fun Activities for Kids this Winter

Written by Robin Marshall

2 min read


The UK’s family-friendly and exciting activity and leisure parks offer many variations that can suit all ages, interests, and budgets. Whether it’s a theme park you’re after or an indoor activity park, you won’t need to worry about age gaps in the family, all parks will usually offer rides or activities suitable for both young children and upwards.

With the cold weather now upon us, you may think twice about visiting an outdoor park during these winter months, in favour of staying warm and dry at one of the many indoor activity parks such as Oxygen Freejumping.

Keeping the kids entertained can sometimes be a job in itself, especially with the arrival of the school holidays, so finding an indoor park that offers a variety of activities to keep all family members amused is often the key.   

Here are a few ideas that will definitely help keep your kids amused..

Soft Play

Toddlers tend to love Soft play. With slides, colourful ball pits, and various climbing frames to play on, they can enjoy exploring, interacting with other children, and having fun safely away from the big kids.

Soft Play

Toddler Sensory Play

Forming an important part of a child’s development, some indoor parks will offer a sensory play area, featuring tunnels, mini trampolines, soft play areas, etc, thereby cleverly tapping into the child’s primary senses; touch, sight, hearing, movement and balance.

staff member and toddler at sensory cube

Freejumping – Trampoline

As trampolines in activity parks advance and become safer, without doubt, trampolines will remain a top attraction. The trampoline’s simplicity is the secret to its success. Also, jumping on the spring-assisted mat boosts energy and produces a lot of happy faces!

Child on trampolines smiling


Kids of all ages can enjoy this simple activity. Trampoline dodgeball is outrageous fun and is becoming increasingly popular. 

Many activity parks add their trampoline to the dodgeball areas to make it even more fun and bouncy. In addition, these play stations at the activity park are padded, allowing children to be safe while having fun.

As you can see, there are plenty of activities your kids can enjoy indoors if outdoor parks during these winter months seem a little less inviting. Mums and Dads can also benefit from a coffee and a catch-up with family and friends in the warm whilst the kids have the time of their lives, exhausting themselves!

Child throwing a Dodgeball



Interconnected Trampolines, Dodgeball, Toddler Sensory Play, Soft Play, Ninja challenges, Climbing walls and high ropes, Giant Airbags, Reaction walls & much much more. *Activities may vary by park.

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