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6 Reasons To Jumpstart Your Birthday Party At Oxygen Freejumping!

An indoor party is a perfect solution when you can’t rely on good old English weather. What better way to celebrate your child’s birthday than by unleashing their boundless energy in an exhilarating but safe environment? Picture a space filled with laughter, excitement and the joyful sounds of children defying gravity.

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable way to mark your child’s special day, look no further than Oxygen Freejumping! With our high-flying attractions and a host of benefits, it’s no wonder that Oxygen Freejumping has become a go-to destination for unforgettable birthday parties.

Energising Play and Exercise

Oxygen Freejumping is a place that combines fun and fitness seamlessly. The trampolines, foam pits, climbing walls and activity courses, to name a few, depending on your local park, offer a fantastic way for kids to engage in active play without realising they’re getting a workout.

Jumping, bouncing and tumbling provide a full-body workout that enhances their physical well-being and leaves them with a sense of accomplishment and newfound confidence.

Unwind While They Go Wild

One of the best perks of hosting a party at Oxygen Freejumping is the opportunity for parents to unwind while their little ones go wild with excitement. The venue’s dedicated staff ensures a safe and supervised environment, allowing you to relax and socialise without worrying about your child’s well-being.
We also have a dedicated soft play area for toddlers, which includes an hour of jumping and soft play fun. They will also receive their very own nutritious snack box.

No Need To Worry About Food

Oxygen Freejumping understands that organising a party involves numerous tasks, so we offer all-inclusive packages that include entertainment, food and more depending on the package you choose.

Imagine the convenience of having a delicious pizza party ready to fuel the hungry jumpers after their energetic escapades. Apart from the dedicated party area we will provide, you are free to bring any party favours you’d like for your children’s party for a more personalised experience.

Children Go Home Tired But Happy

Every parent’s dream scenario is a birthday party that leaves the children tired but content. Oxygen Freejumping delivers precisely that. After an hour of non-stop bouncing and playing, your little guests will depart with rosy cheeks, happy hearts, and a good night’s sleep practically guaranteed.

It’s a win-win situation: they have a blast, and you get a peaceful evening ahead.

You Make Good Memories With Them

A birthday party at Oxygen Freejumping is an experience that creates lasting memories for children and parents alike. The thrill of conquering new challenges, the joy of sharing laughter with friends, and the sense of accomplishment from trying new tricks are etched into the fabric of your child’s growing years. The photos, videos, and stories from the day will become cherished mementos you can relive and share for years.

Fun For Everyone

Oxygen Freejumping isn’t limited by age. It’s a playground that brings out the child in everyone, regardless of whether they’re a tiny tot or a kid-at-heart. This means that siblings, friends, and even parents can join the fun, creating an inclusive and enjoyable experience for the whole family. The intergenerational merriment ensures that everyone leaves with a smile and a heart full of joy.

Have an Ultimate Party Adventure at Oxygen Freejumping’s Activity Parks and Soft Play Area for Toddlers

In a world where every birthday party seems to blend into the next, Oxygen Freejumping offers a breath of fresh air – quite literally! The unique and exhilarating environment, combined with the convenience of all-inclusive packages, expert supervision, and memorable experiences, makes it the perfect choice for celebrating your child’s special day.

As they bounce, leap, and play to their heart’s content, your child and their guests will create memories that will last a lifetime. So why settle for the ordinary when you can make your child’s birthday extraordinary with a celebration at Oxygen Freejumping? Visit us today!


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